Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jailbreaks launch and press

26 hours after leaving, I touched down again in Vancouver. The consensus at the launch was that this was a crazy thing for me to do, but as I'd anticipated, it was totally worth it. The launch was well-attended, I saw several old friends and met a number of people with whom I'd only corresponded previously, and the readings themselves were terrific. I've made a recording of the event (with gaps, because a couple of times I stupidly forgot to turn the recorder on in timely fashion; unfortunately, this meant that I didn't tape my reading of Don Coles' sonnet nor Meaghan Strimas' excellent reading of Gwendolyn MacEwen's "The Discovery"; I also missed the first part of David W. McFadden's reading. I seem to be better at taping things I'm not involved in myself.); I'll upload and post the recording once I've had a good long nap. I didn't sleep last night. After most of the crowd left the I.V. Lounge, I stayed behind, talking the night away with Walid Bitar, Stuart Ross and Meaghan Strimas. I got to Pearson Airport at sunup, boarded my flight and slept all the way home. More anon.

Meanwhile, you can check out this very nice review of Jailbreaks by Alex Good, and this little interview about the book with Nathan Whitlock (who was taking photos of the launch, which I reckon'll be showing up online sometime soon).

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