Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Just got home from five uninterrupted days of railroading. The train into Winnipeg was 3.5 hours late, which would normally mean that I would be exempted from having to work back (because the train arrived after my scheduled reporting time); all the other Vancouver employees, besides my counterpart in the other dome car, were allowed to exercise this right, but because I'm just so gosh-darn irreplaceable, I was "forced" (this is actually the term used by management; one of the few things they don't bother euphemising) to work home. I got paid time and a half for it, but would much rather have kicked back with a book and rested up. I'm totally bagged now, but trying not to succumb to a nap, as I have to catch a 7 am flight to Toronto tomorrow and a nap now means I'll have trouble sleeping tonight. My life often seems to consist of strategic acts of sleep deprivation.

So yes, tomorrow, I fly to Toronto for the launch of Jailbreaks at the IV Lounge. This is a silly thing I'm doing, travelling all that distance for one night, but it's a night I just don't want to miss, so off I go. If you're in the Toronto area, I hope to see you there and will certainly report back on the event.

Time: 8 pm

Address: 326 Dundas St. W., across from the AGO

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