Thursday, November 12, 2009

Come see me in Ottawa

I'm off on the train tomorrow for Ottawa, where I'll be reading Saturday night:

Collected Works, 1242 Wellington, 7:30 pm

Should be good fun; I always enjoy visiting my old hometown. For those unable to attend, I will try to remember my tape recorder this time.

I got some disappointing news today. Some funding I'd applied for, to help get me thru the winter--because I didn't work near enough hours this year to qualify for EI, thanks to those dickhead bankers in the US--and help me finish my book of criticism, didn't come thru. Apparently, a shortfall of approximately $30,000 over a 12 month period does not constitute a "financial crisis." I was asking for less than half that amount. Being inordinately unemployable in fields outside of airlines and railroads--which aren't hiring at the moment, oddly enough--I'm going to have to get some truly lousy job or figure out some other way of making money. If anyone wants to hire me for manuscript consultations, editorial work, book reviewing, etc., drop a line. Of course, if anyone wants to just send me a big cheque in the mail, that's cool too.

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