Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ottawa whirlwind report

Great launch last night. Besides having family and friends from various past lives (high school, university, Montreal, Iqaluit) in attendance, there were three very special audience members: the daughter and granddaughters of Kenneth Leslie. One of the granddaughters, Elizabeth Dickson, is writing a biography of Leslie right now and all the family is very excited about the forthcoming Essential Kenneth Leslie selection I've edited. Their support for the project means a great deal to me.

Had the pleasant surprise of sitting next to Susan Gillis, one of my favourite people from Montreal days, on the train from Ottawa to Montreal. I'm just in Montreal right now waiting to board my train. When I get home, I'll upload the audio from the reading. I'm really pleased with how it went and that the substantial pile of books was all sold, as were several copies of Jailbreaks and Anything But Hank!, one of which, magically, already bore signatures from both authors and the illustrator!

I just discovered that there was a pile of unmoderated comments that had accumulated over the last few weeks. I now know how to moderate comments and won't leave them languishing in like manner again. Promise. If you're interested in reading them, just scroll back thru the entries since Oct. 25.

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