Sunday, November 8, 2009

Speaking of Tribalism

You know you've made the big-time when you're cited several times in a turgid MA thesis!


Brian Palmu said...

I'd read that thesis several weeks ago when googling Derksen after reviewing his "Muscle Cars". Derksen just happens to be Mancini's MA thesis prof-boss, and the primary reader, with the power to pass/fail, also just happens to be referenced often and glowingly by Mancini.

I'd say the thesis was humour-dead and pedantic, and that it was an exercise in beating on the "tribal" drum, but that would be, er,.... ironic in lieu of the latest posts you've linked to.

Since I'm here, I'd just like to give another long and subtle and needed snark: Fuck Jewel! (There, me and my buds are now going out and tearing the shoulder joints from members of a rival clan.)

Zachariah Wells said...

Apparently there are still some problems posting comments here. If anyone else has been having trouble posting, please send me an email. Meanwhile, Brian Palmu writes in with the following:

"I read the Mancini MA thesis after posting my review of Derksen's Muscle Cars, when I googled Derksen and chanced upon it. Derksen was Mancini's thesis' prof-boss, and it just so happens that Derksen, in the humourless and pedantic document, is referenced often and generously.

Now excuse me, me and my buds are just out to tear the arms off a few rival clans. (Daily snark: Fuck Jewel!) Going tribal means never having to wash your loincloth."

Zachariah Wells said...

The best part of the document, however, has to be when DM berates Lyle Neff for his review of DM's own book! In his MA thesis! Hilarious. You can't make this stuff up.