Monday, November 2, 2009


A boy has died, a boy has died! And half
the city queues outside to get a shot
for keeping flu at bay. Oy vey! what a lot
of panic a misjudged lede can cause. I'd laugh,
but all this hogwash kind of makes me sad;
the parents dragging kids out in the dark
and rain to prevent them getting sick?
These selfsame twits who pull their healthy kids
from class are glad to pack them off on buses
without belts or airbags, with cash
to pay for Coke and french fries in the caf.
The med supply's dried up and the pack-
a-day mom--her bottle-fed daughter made high-risk
by asthma--is screaming murder, smokin' mad
her precious girl gets no protection.
Days like this make me want to spread infection.


M. said...

At first , I was OK.....then I got sick.....sick of the histrionics surrounding the what first appeared to be a well organized and thought out plan to administer the vaccine.....lots of info and easily accessible schedules.....and, living in a rural area, had made plans to travel a considerable distance....ready to be patient and had a "We're all this together" attitude, which is unusual for me ...normally I'm as sarcastic as the best of them, but had all that subjugated owing to the potential seriousness of the matter. I still can't bring myself to be spiteful and let the vitriol loose and pretend to be indignant....I'm just very disappointed and rhetoric doesn't appeal to me one little bit...not even tempted.

It's so pitiful to read self-serving blogs in the light of what could become a very nasty winter....the very predictable Canadian character of whining and smugness rears its ugly head ....and I think of Al Capp's comic strip of the sixties , when he satirized the student protest movements... the various liberal protesters carried placards identifying their movement as "SWINE"...the acronym standing for "Students Wildly Indignant About Nearly Everything" seems just a bit ironic and describes the hypocrisy and self indulgence of many of the commentators.....all in reaction to the "SWINE" flu phenomenon.
I'm sure that there are many of us that feel "Proud to be Canadian"....there are very few,however, who keep quiet about about it, and most revert to a totally unwarranted ,and unattractive chauvinism.

Megan said...


It reminds me of the chain-smokers up here who puff away while angrily denouncing the government because the water tastes funny. They're SURE that's what caused their cancer.

Lynda said...

Indeed. Echoes of the Darwin Awards.