Monday, August 13, 2007

The Burning Hell

Rachel and I went out tonight to see and hear a bit of music. "The Burning Hell," consisting of Mathias Kom (pictured left with 99 red balloons) and Nick Ferrio--a pared-down touring version of the band--played at the Railway Club downtown. I met Mathias when I crashed at his place in Peterborough on my own tour last year.

It was an interesting set, because Nick and Mathias have very distinct styles as writers and singers. Nick is more seriously intense and a bit Neil Youngish in his sound, while Mathias' lyrics, delivered in his throaty baritone, are tinged with just the right amount of irony. First they played a few of Nick's songs and then a handful of Mathias'. The set was too short by far; I wanted more. There were a couple of other bands on after, but we headed home, CDs in hand, whilst Mathias and Nick hit the road in their Toyota Echo, so they could make a show in Sault Ste. Marie on Thursday. A friend of Mathias' observed that no one has ever been in such a hurry to make it to the Sault.

I'm on the road myself tomorrow, the usual Winnipeg-n-back deal. It's been a hectic time off this time, so work should be restful by comparison. Hopefully. Much packing and cleaning and procrastinating to be done when I get back. Deadlines are starting to pile up on me too. I blame it on Facebook's Scrabble application.

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