Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Pad

I mentioned the other day that we've found a new place to live. It's a lovely, spacious two-bedroom on the ground floor of a low-rise 70s-era building. We're signing the lease tonight and looking forward greatly to our tenancy, which starts Sept. 1. The apartment's in New Westminster, which, for people unfamiliar with the greater Vancouver area, is an old, small city on the banks of the Fraser River, about 20 clicks away from downtown Vancouver, and easily accessible by the Sky Train. And for baseball fans, it's the hometown of Minnesota Twins' slugger and last year's American League MVP Justin Morneau.

Here are a few pictures of the place, as furnished by its present resident:


Master bedroom:

Kitchen/dining area, which looks out on the living room:

Living room (note the functioning wood-burning fireplace and French doors):

My study/spare bedroom:


rob taylor said...

Congrats, eh.

Alex said...

Aren't you supposed to be shivering in a garret somewhere? You're losing cred, man. I remember when it used to be about the poetry, not the wood-burning fireplaces and French doors.

Brenda Schmidt said...