Thursday, August 2, 2007

Martin Espada

Here's an interesting interview with American poet Martin Espada. The interviewer's a tad annoying, but fortunately, Espada does most of the talking.

Fine to hear, at the end of the interview, Espada read his terrific poem "Imagine the Angels of Bread," which I audio-posted here on CLM a while back. He reads it better; if only I had that dreamy Bronx accent.


Brenda Schmidt said...

What a great interview! Great stuff on translation, but I also like his positive take on the pluralities of poetry, community and the democratizing impulse in the poetry world. It's great to hear such a poet say he feels the pulse of poetry in America is strong. And it's great to hear him get behind the publication of poetry on the internet. And the part about the monkeys...yikes! I can see the box of monkeys. I must track down that monkey poem.

Zachariah Wells said...

There are a lot of good poems in that book (Imagine the Angels of Bread). He also has a pretty recent selected, Alabanza.