Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Re: the naked dude

Pretty uneventful trip to Winnipeg--with the exception of a railside camper, no doubt well-fortified by long weekend libations, doing a dance for us in his birthday suit. On the way home, we got mooned by swimmers in the Pembina River. Why am I not surprised that both of these displays of pallid manflesh happened in Alberta?

The trip home was hyper-hectic. There are two people working my job on my crew: myself and my counterpart Renee. Renee is senior to me, so she gets to pick her car first. Normally, she picks the much busier front car, for which I am very grateful. She didn't feel like it this time, however, so I was left to work it. It was very good for tips, but exhausting.

We're off to check out a promising apartment in New Westminster. Hope it's the one, as I want to go to Victoria tomorrow to sign my Frog Hollow broadsides, and then motor over to French Creek to catch a ferry to Lasqueti Island for a couple days of R&R.

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Brenda Schmidt said...

Oh my! Well, it has been hot in Alberta of late...

I hope it's the one too, as I want my Frog Hollow order.