Thursday, October 2, 2008


Turns out my friend and ex-roommate, Zoe Coombes, is the epitome of the kind of voter Harper's party has no interest in. Always did like her.

TB: ZOEY Duration: 00:01:18

"Dougie," "Eunice," "Heather," and "Steve". These are just some of the people who will decide Canada's next Prime Minister -- sort of.

These voters aren't able to mark their ballots with an "x". That's because they don't actually exist. You see, "Dougie" is the name given to a computer-generated demographic segment. He represents a guy in his twenties, who works in a trade and lives in a small town. He's one of a handful of fictional names the Conservative Party has created by compiling vast amounts of polling data. You've also got your suburban couple with three kids, "Heather and Steve" and the widower, "Eunice".

Then there is "Zoey". A "Zoey" lives in the city, eats organic food and is of little interest to the Tories.

On last night's program, we put this demographic data to the test and actually tracked down a real, living breathing "Zoey" -- one Zoe Coombes, a Canadian voter who is still undecided, but lives in New York City and ate an organic avocado for lunch.

Well, after our interview, wouldn't you know it, Talback heard from another computer-generated couple ... a "Marcus and Fiona". What are the odds of that?

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