Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jailbreaks Review

Thanks to Megan for letting me know that John Mutford has reviewed Jailbreaks in The Yellowknifer. No surprise that he likes it, since he had already reviewed it at greater length on his blog, but nice to see some coverage in a Northern paper.


John Mutford said...

I still haven't got my hands on a copy of the actual paper yet, so it was nice to see the clipping. I spoke with the friend of mine that covers the arts section in the paper and he apologized for the typo in your name in the tagline.

Zachariah Wells said...

No worries, John, it's the exact same typo that appeared in the French version of my profile in Via's magazine. I kinda like it. It's the adjectival form of my name.

Megan said...

I like it, too. It sounds old-fashioned and cool. You should use it in your next book. Zacharian poetry.