Saturday, October 11, 2008

Launch Post-Mortem

The launch was a huge success. There was an excellent turnout, folks of all ages, and a total of 33 books were bought. Big props to Portia Belmont (pictured below), the fabulous proprietor of Once Upon a Huckleberry Bush. She's got a great store, with the perfect reading space.

Rachel read the narrative, while I did the character voices. Here I am in character as an irate Mexican Beaded Lizard.

Kaleb was a perfect angel throughout the reading. Here he is (pictured middle) in Grandma's arms:

The enthralled masses:

Thanks to Lynda Philippsen for taking photos while we read. Coming soon: audio.

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GM said...

Congratulations on the launch, Z and R. I've still not got my copy yet... The book looks good though.