Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Poetry Weekend Audio

At last, after several abortive attempts, I've got all the audio from the 2009 UNB Poetry Weekend uploaded to Check it out, if you've got a few hours to kill...

Here's the breakdown on the readings:

1. Ross Leckie reads Dodds, Matt Robinson, Justin Joschko, John Reibetanz, Josh Trotter, Sarah Khokhar, Matt Mott, Daniel Renton, Sue Sinclair

2. Leigh Kotsilidis, Jennifer Houle, Rebecca Geleyn, Allison Lasorda, Gerry Beirne, Karen Schindler, Sharon McCartney, Peter Norman

3. John Donlan, A. F. Moritz, Kevin Connolly, Christina McRae, John Wall Barger, Brent MacLaine, Jesse Ferguson, Jeffery Donaldson

4. Peter Forrestell, Celia Thompson, John Donlan, April Ripley, Michael deBeyer, Brian Bartlett, Ross Leckie, Danielle Devereaux

5. Holly Luhning, Shane Neilson, Matthew Tierney, Tammy Armstrong, Danny Jacobs, A. F. Moritz, Carson Butts, Eric Letcher

6. Zachariah Wells, Vanessa Moeller, James Langer, John Reibetanz, Katia Grubisic, Anita Lahey, Sue Sinclair, Ross Leckie reads Jeramy Dodds


e. said...

Hey Zach,

I snagged your links and reposted them over at Branta. Hope that's ok.

e. said...

Here's the link:

Zachariah Wells said...

Of course, Eric, the more links the merrier. Cheers.