Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Audio at last!

I finally managed to upload the first of the Poetry Weekend readings. Eventually, when I get them all up, I'll do a formal annotated post with links. For now, you can listen to the first event here. (Stephanie York; Katie Brown; Danny Jacobs; Ross Leckie (reading his own work and George Johnston’s.)) The volume's faint because I was using the recorder from 6 or 7 rows back. The rest of the readings were recorded from the podium and are much louder and clearer.

Here's the second recording. (Sarah Neville; Jennifer Houle; Ryan Marshall; Melissa Walker; Vanessa Moeller; Laura Pearson.)

Here's the third . (Daniel Renton; Gerry Beirne; Shane Rhodes; Katia Grubisic; Kathy Mac; Lynn Davies; Tammy Armstrong.)

A musical interlude of sorts, featuring Leigh Kotsilidis on guitar and vocals, at the Saturday night party (more like Sunday morning at this point) at Sharon McCartney and Mark Jarman's house.

Here's the fourth, the first set of readings on Sunday, November 4. (Kay Weber; Laurence Hutchman; Patricia Young; Diane Reid; John Lofranco; Hugh Thomas.) I really liked Patricia Young's creepy baby poem and Hugh Thomas' warped imagination.

Number five, including yours truly near the end. (Patrick Leach; Jesse Ferguson; Shane Rhodes; Sharon McCartney; Wayne Clifford; James Langer; Zachariah Wells; Nicholas Lea.) James Langer's first book doesn't exist yet, but when it does, you should get it--he's the real deal. Another highlight of this set is Shane Rhodes' reading of his tour-de-force oenophile oulipian alliteration. (When I do a proper post, I'll list all readers at each one, but I don't have the energy to sweep thru them all now.)

The sixth and final reading, featuring my pals from littlefishcartpress, Jeramy Dodds, Gabe Foreman, Josh Trotter and Leigh Kotsilidis, as well as Melanie Bell; Melissa Walker; Brecken Hancock; Carson Butts (in that order, at the beginning). Jeramy and I are, I believe, the only out-of-towners to attend all 4 poetry weekends. And we're usually the last ones up at the Saturday night party, arguing about one thing or another until it's almost time to get up for the Sunday morning reading.


Brenda Schmidt said...

Yay! Great job! I just finished listening to everything. Ok, I skipped the interlude. Anyway, all those voices are new to me, though I have read work by several of them, so what a treat to sit here and listen. That's a great event they have going on there. No doubt it will have a long life.

Zachariah Wells said...

Oh Brenda, you should listen to the interlude, if only for the impromptu revision of Philip Larkin's "This Be the Verse" as tho it were written about dentists, instead of parents.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ha! Too funny. That's not at all what I expected.

Stephanie Yorke said...

Good day. Just wanted to say thanks for the audio on behalf of the CRW classes at UNB; a lot of we wee students must write reviews of the poetry weekend, and most of us were listening to the poets read rather than taking notes. So these recordings will help us all appease the gods - and it's fun to listen, too.