Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Verse on the Rails

Saw this article about a railway poetry anthology earlier today on Bookninja. Strangely, in my four years working on the rails, I've written very few poems directly inspired by the train and most of what I have attempted pleases me none too much (altho CLM regulars might remember this bitchy little sequence). Given what rich fodder it's been for other versifiers and given that I wrote a great deal about my last job, it's surprising that I've not been moved to write much about it. I think I likely will if I ever get around to writing a memoir/autobiography, but poems--not so much. Maybe working onboard and seeing how it all functions (or doesn't!) spoils the romance that passengers seem to experience. Maybe the fact that I can't sit around doing fuckall and being all contemplative blocks the lyric onrush. Maybe I'll wind up writing poems about it long after my railroad career is ended. Who knows? I sure would like to have a copy of that Everyman anthology, tho!

I've heard reports of a couple of different people working independently on an antho of Canadian train poems. There seems to be at least one--good, bad or indifferent--in just about every Canuck bard's oeuvre, so it could be a pretty decent book (or books) if it ever materialises.

I just got into Halifax today from PEI. By bus, alas, tho it wasn't a bad trip, considering how short of sleep and hungover I was. I had supper at my uncle Chris's last night and drank far more than I realized. A fine time. Chris and I always have terrific talks.

I'm in town for a couple of nights, taking care of a bit of business with my house (see post at the top) and visiting some friends. But my sister's condo, where I'm staying, has no phone, so I think I'm going to have to venture out to find a payphone.

Friday, I hit the rails westbound, for three nights in the Toronto area before heading back to Vancouver. It's been a good little tour, but I'm ready for home. Very ready. Lots of work to do, too, which I'm looking forward to, now that my dayjob's been nixed.

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