Thursday, November 8, 2007

On the Island

Back home on the farm now. A lesson yesterday in not operating hi-tech equipment when sleep-deprived and hungover: I was uploading recordings of my classroom visits at Harrison Trimble High and, after successfully transferring the first one to my laptop, lost track of what I was doing and thought I'd uploaded all of them, whereupon I deleted the other three from the recorder--before uploading them to the laptop. So now lost and gone forever is yours truly reading "Arctic Rhododendrons" in his best Al Purdy voice. It's too bad because the sessions with the students got better as the day went on, the third and fourth being much superior to the first two. Alas. Lesson learned. Etc.

Speaking of hi-tech, I haven't been able to upload the Fredericton readings yet because my computer's not online and this computer doesn't have the requisite files on its hard drive. My folks just got satellite internet here and haven't got all the intricacies figured out yet.

Looks like we've got a promising lead on tenants for our apartment. Checking some references today. Fingers crossed. Got some reviewing to tend to. Yes, even on holidays. I try to foist it off on the interns, but what with no pay and a bread-n-water diet, it's hard to get them to produce good work.

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