Saturday, November 10, 2007

Continued delays

Well, I got my laptop on-line, but didn't have a good enough connection to upload those damn audio files. Apparently, it'll be easier once I convert them from .wav to MP3 format. Which I'll do. I promise. Really.

Had a good bull session with John MacKenzie today. We decided burning books ain't such a horrible thing.

A bit of snow drifting down tonight, but doesn't look like it'll stick. Was going to chop wood tomorrow, and might still, but the forecast looks lousy. Should finish working on this review. I've been reading Tim Bowling's The Lost Coast for Vancouver Review. I owe them copy on it in ten days. A fine book so far. Flawed, but sublime in parts. Which, as per Longinus, beats the snot outta polished mediocrity. To paraphrase.