Sunday, November 18, 2007


My wonderful friends Aleks and Amy drove me, along with Meaghan Strimas, out to Hamilton tonight for my reading. It was great fun. Graciously organized and hosted by Adam Getty (pictured below giving yours truly a little Hamilton love), with strong readings by Hamilton locals Joe Girard and Jennifer McCartney. I recorded the event, but isn't letting me upload at the moment. Hopefully tomorrow morning.

Also had the pleasure of meeting Trevor Cole--of Authors Aloud fame--in person, and saw Chris Banks, who I missed last night due to my late arrival at Paul Vermeersch's birthday bash.

Only sold one book, and Meaghan had a package of three books for me from Quill & Quire, so my gross baggage weight has gone up again. Someone who travels as much as I do should really learn to pack light... But good books to get: Robert Bringhurst's new collection of essays and Stephen Brockwell's new poetry collection, both of which I reviewed for Q&Q and recommend, especially the Bringhurst book. As a bonus, I got a new bio of Joseph Conrad.

I'm back on the rails Tuesday, heading home. It's been a great trip, but I can't wait.

UPDATE: Here's the reading of Joe Girard and Jennifer McCartney.

And here's my reading, for anyone who really wanted to go, but couldn't make it. I'm off to Vancouver by train. See you in a few days, eh.

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