Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Aqua Books

I went out for lunch today and decided to check out the eatery at the new Aqua Books store around the corner on Garry St. I had a nice cheap lunch, which I attempted to pay for with my credit card. While waiting for the bill, reading As I Lay Dying, I heard someone say to my right, "Are you Zach?" I looked up at a woman I didn't recognize, who said, "Are you Zach Wells?" I said I was and she introduced herself as Ariel Gordon, whose name I knew from various online sites, but I'd never met her in person. Turns out she's the events coordinator at Aqua. She gave me a tour of the facilities, which are still very much a work-in-progress. Great space, tho, with two event rooms (complete with fainting couches and skylit angel statue) and writers' studios upstairs, huge space for books downstairs and the bistro at the rear. When it's done, it'll be one of the nicest bookstores going.

Back on the road this aft. Fingers crossed for a job I like working. Looks like fine weather all the way west.

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