Friday, May 16, 2008

Horseshoe up my ass

I lucked out again in the job-pick for the run home from Winnipeg, as I got promoted to work my usual job in the dome car. Had a pretty good trip back, steady, at times busy (thanks mostly to a rambunctious bunch of Aussies travelling from Jasper to Vancouver). Met quite a few nice folks and very few jerks. Tho I'm reminded again of one reason this job is a good one for a writer: it provides constant reminders of both the general disgusting bestial crassness of humanity-in-general and of the singular virtues and charms of many individual humans.

Started reading As I Lay Dying on the way home. So far, it's blowing my mind. Had a fine literary chat in the dome at one point with a couple from Austin, Texas, a Canadian English degree holder (working as a dozer operator in Fort McMurray) and another Canadian woman. I came out of the conversation with the impression that I really have to read some Richard Russo.

I "booked rest" on arrival in Vancouver, so the earliest I'll be working again is Tuesday. Monday, the results of the General Bid should be posted and I'll find out my schedule for the next few months.


brian palmu said...

As I Lay Dying is indeed excellent. My fave Faulkner is Light In August.

Brenda Schmidt said...

So that's what you're supposed to do with a horseshoe!

Congrats on the job!