Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So I'm running some errands this afternoon. I park my motorbike around the corner from the grocery store. I'm gone maybe 15 minutes. I come back and find that some son of a bitch has stolen my helmet, which I'd left on the bike's backrest. Now, you're probably thinking, "Serves him right, leaving it there." Thing is, I've been leaving it there for seven years. The only time I take my lid in with me is if it's raining. I've always figured this was a virtually no-risk act, since a)anyone who might need a motorcycle helmet already has one b)a second-hand helmet, being a hat, is not something most people would want to wear, ergo c)the resale value of second-hand helmets is almost nil and d)my helmet was nothing special, a seven-year-old basic black HJC open-face (something like the one pictured, which retails new for about $85). So, I had to ride home a few blocks without protection. Fortunately, I've got another helmet. This one's worth more than three times the stolen one, so I'd better keep a good eye on it.

Anyway, asshole, I hope you enjoy your stinky, worthless new acquisition. And I hope someone does something equally shitty to you soon.

I'm off to a reading tonight. Sonnet L'Abbé and Matt Rader are reading at the Railway Club downtown. I hope to get a good recording of them, which I'll post anon.

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