Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Children are more important than books

Don Denton has an interesting interview up with Tim Bowling. I find Bowling is over-prolific and consequently the quality of his poetry is wildly uneven, but at his best he's in the front rank of contemporary poets in this country, for sure. I also have a lot of respect for his values and the way he practices them. It takes no small amount of discipline to lead the kind of life he lives.

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Ian LeTourneau said...

Thanks for the link, Zach. Enjoyed the interview.

I recently reviewed his novel The Bone Sharps for Legacy, an Edmonton-based arts mag. It was a great book, filled with uncountable great lines. He has a three page long sentence that is neither boring nor gimmicky. I recommend it.

And I agree with you--when he's on, he's a damn fine writer.