Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm 32 today. Celebrated by going to Aqua Books for lunch with Rachel and Kaleb. We also had supper at Alycia's last night. Alycia's is a Winnipeg landmark, a Ukrainian restaurant that was John Candy's favourite. They even have a little shrine in his memory there.

Back on the train to Vancouver in a few hours. I'm hoping the trip back will be a little less hectic than the trip up was. Didn't have much time other than my meal breaks to hang out with R and K.

All for now.


brian palmu said...

Happy B'Day, Z!

It's Verna's 50th tomorrow. Thats right, Sept 11. But we'll be celebrating with many friends.

Finn Harvor said...

Yep, congrats on another trip around the sun on, so to speak, the Skytrain of -- well, ah, I'll leave it at that.