Monday, September 29, 2008


Rachel, Kaleb and I headed downtown yesterday to check out Word on the Street. Beautiful sunny day for it. We took in a few readings and were reminded what a lousy, noisy, full-of-distractions venue it is for reading. Still, we were enraptured by Robert Heidbreder's performance of his new kids book, Crocodiles Play. Robert--or Mr. H., as he's widely known--was Rachel's kindergarten teacher, so it was a very special thing for her to present him with a copy of Anything But Hank! We picked up Crocodiles Play as well as its prequel, Crocodiles Say, very fun books, which I'm sure Kaleb will get a kick out of some day soon. (At this point, he's more into Graham Greene.)

We also saw Elizabeth Bachinsky, George McWhirter and Shannon Stewart read and I got my souvenir poster for the Rocksalt anthology from publisher Mona Fertig. If the book's as nicely designed as the poster, it'll be very purty indeed.

I'm off on the rails tomorrow, with a Thursday night layover in Winnipeg. Should be my third-last trip of the season. Not that I'm counting.

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